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Wildlife Acoustics ECHO METER TOUCH 2 PRO New

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Wildlife Acoustics
Product details:
Pocket size
Works with Apple devices
Free app available in appstore
Built in GPS
479.70 € / 390 €
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The most advanced bat detector, regardless of price.

Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO is an innovative combination of hardware and software that lets you listen to, record and identify bats in real-time - on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

The new Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO is based on over three years of customer feedback and extensive fieldwork. It offers the most advanced features and highest quality recordings of any handheld bat detector on the market today.

The new Ultrasonic Module:

A difference you can see - and hear.

The new Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO Ultrasonic Module creates extremely quiet, high-quality recordings which are superior to those created by bat detectors costing much more.


Bat calls enter the Module through an integrated acoustical horn, engineered to reduce unwanted echoes. The horn efficiently directs the sound into the Module’s ultra-quiet microphone element which captures frequencies of up to 192kHz. The Module’s onboard computer converts the sound into digital data and streams it to the Echo Meter Touch app.


The Echo Meter Touch App: Turning data into knowledge.

The Echo Meter Touch app transforms the Module’s streaming data into audio that you can hear - in real-time. It shows you the bat calls on an interactive spectrogram, and it employs the latest Kaleidoscope Pro classifiers that instantly identify the most likely species of bat being detected. It uses GPS to mark recordings with your location and path, and of course, it saves the recordings as 16-bit WAV files that can be easily shared for collaboration or transferred to a Mac or PC for further study.

PRO-only settings: A welcome advancement.

Connect the PRO Ultrasonic Module to your device, and the app will activate advanced software features designed for professional biologists. Choose a sample rate of 256kHz or 384kHz. Control recording amplitude by selecting one of three gain settings. Set specific trigger length, trigger window, trigger sensitivity and auto-trigger time. You can also choose audio division ratio for RTE, heterodyne, and time-expansion listening modes. You can even enable/disable Nightly Sessions Mode and Real-Time ID.


Kaleidoscope Pro Auto-ID: Always improving and continually updated.

The Echo Meter Touch App includes the same species classifiers offered in the desktop version of the Kaleidoscope Pro analysis software. We continually improve existing and add new classifiers to the already long list of bats species in North America, the Neotropics, U.K. and Europe, and South Africa.


More features and better performance.

All at a lower price.


We believe the new Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO will be a tour de force for recording quality, utility and ease-of-use. At only $349, there’s no other professional bat research tool that offers this combination of portability, high-quality recording, species identification, and high-detail spectrogram analysis capabilities.

Not a pro?

We have “2" for you.


Great! You‘re interested in bats! Perhaps they‘re in your neighborhood and you want to know more. That‘s why we created Echo Meter Touch 2 - the simpler version of the PRO model, for hobbyists like you.


You‘ll get all the best features of PRO including the interactive spectrogram, automatic species identification, real-time listening, GPS and sharing - but you won‘t be confused by PhD-level features like Gain Settings and Audio Division Ratios. (See how the two models compare here.)


But maybe the best feature Echo Meter Touch 2 is the price. For $179, you‘ll own a bat detection system that until now, would have cost nealy $2,000 - and it‘s one that you can use with your iPhone or iPad, in your backyard or on a trek into the wilderness.


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