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Acoustic & Bat detectors: Recorders and Bat Detectors

Bat detectors - currently you may find a lot of different systems on the market. Our short article "ABC Bat Detectors" will help to find the best one for your purposes.

Below - our offer for the best on the market: heterodyne detectors, ZCA (Zero Cross Analyses) detectors as well as wide range, real time recorders.

Number of products: 7

Bestselling ecoObs Bat recorder BatCorder 3

  • Item code BATCORDER3 
  •  | Type: Czasu rzeczywistego 
  •  | Internal memory card: Tak 
  •  | Microphone: Dookólny 
  •  | Software: Opcja 
  •  | Best for: Aktywne / pasywne 

Using the batcorder you can record bat calls in highest quality. The device is optimized for echoe-free and omnidirectional recordings of bat calls. 500 kHz with 16bit amplitude resolution, a SNR of max 84 dB and calibrated mic sensitivity give best results. The batcorder is part of a complete survey system for automated recording, measuring and identification. Data is stored and presented in a clean interface and simplifies further analysis. A maximum of time saved and focusing on the essentials.

ecoObs Wind turbine extension set (batcorder 2&3)

  • Item code BC-WIND TR 

Wind turbine extension set batcorder 2/3 compatible.

Titley Anabat Walkabout Active Bat Detector

  • Item code ANABAT WALK 

The all-in-one device designed for active bat detection and recording.

Titley Anabat Scout bat detector for active monitoring.

  • Item code ANABAT SCOUT 
  •  | Microphone: dookólny 
  •  | Best for: monitoring aktywny 

Small, easy to use and robust. Record in either full spectrum or zero crossing. In & out bat counter with automatic time stamping and geotagging. Scout is an easy-to-use unit that can play heterodyne, auto-heterodyne and frequency division audio through earphones or the built-in speaker.

Discontinued Titley Anabat Swift Passive Detector

  • Item code ANABAT SWIFT 
  •  | Type: Frequency division 
  •  | Internal memory card: Nie 
  •  | Microphone: Dookólny lub kierunkowy (ultradźwięki i dźwięki słyszalne) 
  •  | Software: Bezpłatne oprogramowanie Anabat Insight 
  •  | Best for: Pasywne 

Lekki, kompaktowy i łatwy w obsłudze pasywny Anabat Swift detektor z zasilaniem bateryjnym AA i wbudowanym GPS. Mozliwość nagrywania w pełnym spektrum i zero crossing.

1 317,00 €
End of production

Titley CHORUS acoustic recorder

  • Item code TITLEY CHORUS 
  •  | Type: Frequency division 
  •  | Internal memory card: Yes 
  •  | Microphone: omnidirectional 
  •  | Software: Included 
  •  | Best for: Passive 

Chorus is an affordable, customizable wildlife sound recorder.
It was designed for difficult terrain conditions.

Bestselling Titley AnaBat Express Passive Bat Detector

  •  | Type: Frequency division 
  •  | Internal memory card: Tak 
  •  | Microphone: Dookólny 
  •  | Software: W zestawie 
  •  | Best for: Pasywne 

New for 2014, the Anabat Express is packed with features that are easy to use, making it the lightest and most cost effective passive detector on the market. With a new user interface and GPS making deployment faster and more efficient, the Express will quickly become your favorite detector for passive monitoring.