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Acoustic & Bat detectors: Recorders and Bat Detectors

Bat detectors - currently you may find a lot of different systems on the market. Our short article "ABC Bat Detectors" will help to find the best one for your purposes.

Below - our offer for the best on the market: heterodyne detectors, ZCA (Zero Cross Analyses) detectors as well as wide range, real time recorders.

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Pettersson D-200 Bat Detector

  • Item code D200 
  •  | Type: Heterodynowy 
  •  | Internal memory card: Nie 
  •  | Microphone: Kierunkowy 
  •  | Software: Opcja 
  •  | Best for: Aktywne 

Easy-to use heterodyne detector. Frequency range 10 - 120 kHz.