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Delays in processing of orders

Due to the relocation of our company, processing of your order may be delayed. We very apologise for any inconvenience. ECOTONE Team. 




Zapraszamy do odwiedzenia nas na stoisku Ecotone!
We invite you to visit us at Ecotone stand!

Ornithological Conference
27 June–2 July 2022
San Juan, Puerto Rico




Zapraszamy do odwiedzenia nas na stoisku Ecotone!
We invite you to visit us at Ecotone stand!

6th World Lagomorph Conference
4-8 July 2022
Montpellier, France





A warm welcome to the 6th Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts!
4-8 April 2022
Egmond aan Zee, the Nederlands.


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XX Międzynarodowe Liczenie Nietoperzy w Międzyrzeckim Rejonie Umocnionym

Zimowe liczenie nietoperzy jest koordynowane przez Stowarzyszenie:

Towarzystwo Ochrony Przyrody „NIETOPEREK”.

Liczenie zostanie przeprowadzone w dniach 13-16 stycznia 2022 roku.


Ecotone już kolejny raz ma przyjemność być sponsorem i prezentować sprzęt na stoisku firmowy!

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Season's Greetings




Z przyjemnością informujemy, że Ecotone ma profil na nowej platformie The Ark!

We are pleased to announce that Ecotone has joined the Ark platform!

THE ARK to nowa kompleksowa platforma dla profesjonalistów zajmujących się ochroną przyrody. Na platformie THE ARK naukowcy, ekolodzy, dostawcy technologii i inwestorzy łączą się, wymieniają i współpracują przy projektach ochrony przyrody.

THE ARK is the world´s only comprehensive network for professionals engaging in wildlife conservation. On THE ARK platform, scientists, conservationists, technology providers and investors connect, exchange and cooperate on wildlife conservation projects.


see more:


Conferences 2021_news


 We are pleased to invite you to the conference!


Ecology Across Borders

Annual Meeting with the French Society of Ecology which will take place at the  Liverpool  ICC 12-15 December 2021.
In-perosn and virtual conference!

This year Ecotone will not be physically in Liverpool, but we have the pleasure of being one of the sponsors
to support the meeting!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products :)

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1 International Bat Research Online Symposium (IBROS)

Tuesday, 2nd November 202


Ecotone Team

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Latest news from the Vulture Conservation Foundation


Egyptian Vulture Alvor successfully released in Tejo Internacional (Portugal)

with Ecotone logger.




We invite you to the e-symposium

1 International Bat Research Online Symposium (IBROS)

Tuesday, 2nd November 2021

Ecotone Team 


MAY 2021

15th European Bat Symposium, we warmly welcome you to online conference 4th– 7th May 2021

MARCH 2021

We invite you to the e-conference BAT BERLIN 2021

the 6th IBBM 2021 online conference

Ecotone Team

New nets with mesh 14 mm


We are glad to announce the new nets in our offer: mesh 14 mm, denier 70/2 polyester and nylon. Perfect for catching small bats and birds.

Please check and order

Win a Ecotone Telemetry GPS tag - suitable for Griffon or Cinereous Vultures


We teamed up with Ecotone Telemetry to give away a GPS transmitter to a project working on Griffon Vulture or Cinereous Vulture conservation in Europe!

Ecotone Telemetry generously donated a GPS transmitter to the Vulture Conservation Foundation, and we decided to donate it to another project. We want to help a project or organisation in Europe to enhance their monitoring and conservation actions with the ability to tag and track an additional vulture.     



The competition will run from Friday 10 January to Sunday 9 February 2020. It's free to take part in this competition.


more information:



We invite you to visit our Ecotone and Ecotone Telemetry stand:


19th conference of the Goose Specjalist Group in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)
from 28-31 January 2020.


 Z przyjemnością informujemy, że Ecotone kontynuuje owocną współpracę z portalem. ORNITHO.PL


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Ostoya Open Day on 16.06.2019


Good morning, sir!

I cordially invite you to the Picnic - Open Day of Ostoya (Pomeranian Centre for Rehabilitation of Wild Animals OSTOJA)
on 16.06.2019, from 13.00 in Pomieczyn at Słupia Street 30c.

There will be workshops, walks and talks.  If the weather is good, the main attraction of the program will be the release of a very rare species of owl - Short-eared owl (Asio flammeus).

 Please take comfortable clothes, something to eat and good mood :) 

There will be a hot barbecue waiting for you, you just have to bring your food ;)

For some workshops, registration is obligatory!

EOU Congress 2019 Cluj-Napoca- Ecotone Telemetry Pre-congress workshop, 25th August


EOU 2019
1 kwietnia o 05:18***Ecotone Telemetry***
Pre-congress workshop, 25th August
We would like to invite all researchers interested in telemetry, working with our GPS trackers and concerned by the analysis of received data to our workshop.
We intend to focus mainly on the subjects such as:
-- the correct selection of transmitter
-- the right choice of operational parameters for our loggers
-- data analysis and elimination of basic mistakes

Ecotone Team

Ecotone - Sponsor


We are pleased to announce that we are one of the sponsors:



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We invite you to follow our Ecotone Telemetry FB


We print on eco paper :)


We are pleased to announce that from April this year, our catalogs, notepads, business cards and other advertising materials are printed on ECO paper :)

Ecotone Team

We support science. Selected projects sponsored by Ecotone and Ecotone Telemetry.


Ecotone - we support science.


Ecotone- we support science: badania Polskiego Towarzystwa Ochrony Przyrody SALAMANDRA na Madagaskarze.
(Research of the Polish Society for Nature Conservation SALAMANDRA in Madagascar).

Ecotone - we support science - VII Ogólnopolska Konferencja Sowy


Ecotone - we support science - VII Ogólnopolska Konferencja Sowy


We are pleased to announce that Ecotone is supporting the VII Ogólnopolska Konferencja Sowy 2017 (National Owl Conference) by sponsoring advertising materials.

Ecotone - we support science - II Zjazd Obrączkarzy 2017


Ecotone -we support science - II Zjazd Obrączkarzy 2017


We are pleased to announce that Ecotone is supporting the 2nd Bird  Ringers Meeting 2017 by sponsoring advertising materials.

A presentation on the use of Ecotone telemetry equipment is also planned.

Echo Meter Touch 2 for Android available NOW!


New! Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro and Echo Meter Touch 2 for Android available from this Autumn.




Identification Guide to Birds in the Hand


 Identification Guide to Birds in the Hand - już dostępne w sprzedaży w naszym sklepie!

Zapraszamy do składania zamówień - książki są dostępne od ręki

ECOTONE oficjalnym przedstawicielem WildlifeAcoustics w Polsce


  ECOTONE oficjalnym przedstawicielem WildlifeAcoustics w Polsce

Z radością informujemy o nawiązaniu oficjalnej współpracy z WildlifeAcoustics (USA) - producentem zaawansowanych systemów detekcji / nagrwywania głosów zwierząt. Popularne urządzenia SM2, SM3 a w krótce SM4 będą dostępne w naszej ofercie bezpośrednio od producenta.


Serdecznie zapraszamy do zapoznania sie z ofertą!


Oprogramowanie BatSound Touch Pettersson już dostępne


 Oprogramowanie BatSound Touch Pettersson już dostępne

Poniżej prezentujemy oficjalną informację firmy Pettersson: 

We are pleased to announce the release of the BatSound Touch software - the perfect companion for the M500 USB microphone!


  • Touch screen support.

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible.

  • High-resolution real-time spectrogram and waveform display.

  • Supports the Pettersson M500 USB Microphone as well as standard Windows sound devices.

  • Manual, triggered and circular buffer recording modes.

  • Live audio of transformed ultrasound.

  • Saves GPS coordinates in the sound files.

  • Compressed view to fit more bat calls into a single screen.

  • Resizable text and buttons to fit screens of different sizes.

  • User-definable file metadata.

  • Various color schemes to fit different occasions.

BatSound Touch does not replace the standard BatSound software. For more advanced analysis, BatSound is recommended. BatSound Touch will be shipped through a download service.




New mist nets series with 14mm mesh - 1014


New series of mist nets denier 110/2 with 14mm mesh available NOW. 1014 nets are designed for catching the smallest passerines.

NEW smartphone holder with adapter ring for digiscoping


Now on sale!

Universal smartphone holder with adapter ring for digiscoping. Fits to all ECOTONE scopes and binoculars and many phone models available on the market.

product code:  USPA


Do Science & Get Support - WE ARE BACK!!


Dear Friends!

Our support program "Do Science & Get Support" started from 2009 is back!! We have received a lot of request about possible support and we decided to keep this project as long as possible.

Terms and conditions are as easy as before - publish your research results gained using our mist nets and you will be supported with equipment free of charges! Terms and Conditions - detailed information

Till now we have received requests and gave support for project and researchers from all over the world!

Do not hesitate! ONLY 3 easy steps to get Ecotone's support!!