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Ecotone company offers a wide selection of own-produced GPS telemetry. The experience gained over the years under research has enabled us to introduce own solutions – adapted to both: for the research project and reflecting specific requirements of the species, for which transmitters are designed.

Ecotone Telemetry 2018 - catalogue

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Ecotone Logger GRIFFON 2S LF GPS-GSM

  • Item code GRIFFON 2S LF GPS-GSM. 
  •  | Dimension (L/W/H): 81x37x38 mm 
  •  | Weight (g): 36 
  •  | Mounting method: typ -plecak- 
  •  | Data transfer: SMS / GPRS / (UHF-opcjonalnie) 
  •  | Solar charger: podwójny 

GRIFFON 2S LF GPS-GSM is the most advanced & multifunctional GPS logger for worldwide, all-yearround & fine resolution animal tracking.
Examples of species for which transmitter GRIFFON 2S LF GPS-GSMhas been used: eagles and vultures
Dimension: 81x37x38 mm // Weight: ~36g

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