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Ecotone GPS Loggers: GSM-GPRS-UHF  (UHF-LRD - long range download) 

Advanced & multifunctional GPS loggers with multichannel data transmission via Worldwide & USA 2G/3G quad band HSPA/GSM and long range UHF. Designed for worldwide all-year-round animal tracking in fine resolution. Except GPS tracks, can be collected precise activity reports, raw acceleration data recorded in bursts, diving depth profiles, barometric pressure, temperature, immersion duration and more. Data are collected into GPS-SMS and GPS-GPRS/UHF transmission in separate memory banks, which are individually programmable. All loggers from this group are available in versions with GSM-GPRS-UHF or only with UHF communication.

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Ecotone Telemetry Logger FLYING FOX GPS

  • Item code FLYING FOX GPS 
  •  | Weight (g): ~14g 
  •  | Dimension (L/W/H): 38x17x24mm 
  •  | Antenna: external 
  •  | Mounting method: collar 
  •  | Data transfer: SMS / GPRS / UHF 
  •  | Solar charger: yes 
  •  | Designed for: bats 

FLYING FOX GPS is the most advanced & multifunctional GPS logger for worldwide, all-yearround & fine resolution animal tracking.
Examples of species for which transmitter FLYING FOX GPS has been used: Grey-headed Flying-fox Dimension: 38x17x24mm // Weight: ~14g