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Wildlife Acoustics ECHO METER TOUCH

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Wildlife Acoustics
Product details:
Small and ultraportable
Compatible with iOs devices
The free Echo Meter Touch app for identifying bat species.
Full-color, zoomable spectrograms.
GPS tagging.
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Transform your iPad, iPhone or iPod into a professional, handheld bat detector/recorder/analyer.
Echo Meter Touch

Echo Meter Touch is an innovative combination of hardware and software that lets you record and listen to bat calls in real-time – on your iPad or iPhone.

  •     Built-in Kaleidoscope classifiers automatically identify bat species.
  •     Data is displayed real-time via information-rich, highly configurable, full-color spectrograms.
  •     GPS enabled devices tag each recording with exact location.
  •     Recordings can easily be transferred to any computer for further analysis and reporting.

Try the app for free.
Download on the Apple App Store The Echo Meter app is free, and available right now in the Apple App Store. It comes pre-loaded with sample recordings, letting you experience many of the advantages Echo Meter Touch will bring to your bat research. Download the app today to see for yourself why Echo Meter Touch is quickly becoming the portable tool of choice for bat biologists all over the world.
Echo Meter Touch
The Ultrasonic Module
Echo Meter Touch

Simply plug the Ultrasonic Module into the Lightning Connector of your iOS device and immediately start monitoring, recording and analysing bat echolocations. The Ultrasonic Module is compact enough to slip into a shirt pocket, it is made up of premium grade ultrasonic sensor, custom preamp and gain circuitry, an analog-to-digital converter and a microprocessor. The microprocessor streams the data in real-time at 256 kHz to your compatible iPad or iPhone.
The Echo Meter App
Echo Meter Touch

Something remarkable about the spectrogram. The full-color spectrogram is incredibly detailed and easy to view. You can scroll through call data with a swipe of your finger. Pinch and zoom the spectrograms for different views while you continue to monitor and record.

Combined with the Ultrasonic Module, the Echo Meter app has everything you need to monitor, record and identify bats in the field.
Download on the Apple App Store

The app lets you listen to bats in real-time and simultaneously view them on a full-color spectrogram and waveform plot. Wildlife Acoustics' patented Real-Time Expansion (RTE) lets you listen to echolocations in real-time while maintaining the timing and tonality of the bat echolocation. You can also listen to prior echolocations using RTE or traditional time expansion (slow playback).

If you have an iPhone or an iPad that is GPS enabled, Echo Meter Touch will tag your recordings with useful location data.

The free Echo Meter Touch app is available on the Apple App Store. It includes two bat recordings that let you start practicing with your iOS device right away.
Echo Meter Touch

The app can transfer full spectrum .wav recordings to your computer over a wireless network or cabled through iTunes. Using Wi-Fi, Echo Meter Touch bundles the recordings in a compressed .zip folder and allows downloads by entering a URL in a web browser. Combined with the Auto-ID upgrade, you can identify the species of the bat in the recording and export it with the recording.

The integral Bat Auto-ID feature allows you to quickly identify species in the field. Using our Kaleidoscope Pro algorithms and the latest classifiers; which will be regularly updated as they become available, the Echo Meter Touch is a very powerful, fast and convenient tool for on-site professional bat work..

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