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Titley AnaBat SD2 Bat Detector Bestselling

Product code: ANABAT SD2.


Product details:
Type: Frequency division
Rec. system: ZCA
Range: 4kHz - 200kHz
Storage: CF card
Microphone - additional options available
2464.92 € / 2004 €
Incl. / Excl VAT tax

Over 5 days

The AnaBat SD2 is a combined bat detector and storage ZCAIM housed in one chassis. It offers the functionality of the AnaBat II bat detector and the AnaBat Storage CF ZCAIM and does so in a compact, rugged package. The Bat Detector can be connected to a PDA or laptop computer, via a null modem interface cable, to produce real time sonograms of detected bat calls, using the supplied AnaPocket or AnalookW programs respectively.

The serial connection can also be used to set the Bat Detector’s internal clock and for other purposes using the CFCread program. The Computer Connection can also be used to connect the Bat Detector to a GPS unit, in which case GPS position data can be incorporated into the data stream, and saved onto an installed CF card along with the bat call data. Use of a PDA as an analysis tool eliminates the need for a PC in the field for active monitoring and real time analysis.

The SD1 is offered with a variety of optional accessories, including a Hewlett Packard PDA preloaded with AnaBat software, the associated interface cabling, extra microphones, and compact flash memory cards. The SD2 can be powered from either internal or external batteries. For long-term passive monitoring, it should be powered by an external 12 Volt battery connected to the +12 VOLTS socket on the side of the Bat Detector. When a plug is inserted into the +12 VOLTS socket (+ve centre pin), it switches the internal batteries out of circuit. For overnight or shorter use, the SD1 can be powered by 4 ‘AA’ size batteries. These batteries can be non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries, or rechargeable Nickel Cadmium, or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries.

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