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Titley Australis 26K Tracking Recr

Product code: RECEIVER


Titley Australis 26K Tracking Recr
Product details:
4 Frequency Ranges
Frequency Selection: 1kHz steps with fine tuning
Frequency Memories: 10 banks of 10 memories with fine tune
Memory Scanning Rate: Can be set to 1.25, 2.5, 5 or 10 seconds (default 1.25 sec/chn)
Audio Output
Weight <1kg
2346.84 € / 1908 €
Incl. / Excl VAT tax

Over 5 days


- Headset - two 3.5mm phone jacks, one disables the audio outputs loud speaker
- Memory - retention memory is retained while receiver is switched off and while battery packs are changed
- low battery indicator (beep notification)
- External socket - data logging and remote control
- Display - a graphic type liquid crystal display approximately 18mm x 16mm; displays all frequency, signal strenght and mode date; LED back lighting which can be switched on for night viewing
- Volume control - conventional knob operated potentiometre with on/off switch
- Gain control - knob operated potentiometre (gain reduction is 50dB)
- Leather case 

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