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Pesola Dynamometer PESOLA 1N/0.005 LIGHT LINE

Product code: 18001


Pesola Dynamometer PESOLA 1N/0.005 LIGHT LINE
Product details:
Corrosion resistant
Color scale: Green
Precisely manufactured
43.11 € / 35.05 €
Incl. / Excl VAT tax


Technical data

Item no.                               18001

Capacity                               1 N

Division                                 0.01 / 0.005 N

Color                                    green

Precision                              ± 0.3%

Tare (zero adjustment)         15 - 20%

Standard Suspension             yes

S (Scale length)                    100 mm

L0 (Length without load)        230 mm

Lm (Maximum length)            335 mm

Ø (Diameter)                        12.2 mm

Components                         all non corroding

Net weight                            20 g

Measuring position                free choice

Calibration by user                                     not applicable                       

Manual                                 D/E/F/I/ES/P/NL

Packaging                             transparent     

                                           designer case

Warranty                              2 years

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