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Kowa Telescope KOWA TSN-663 45 º Prominar (body)

Product code: TSN-663


Product details:
Color: Black
Lightweight and durable
waterproof nitrogen filled
977.78 € / 794.94 €
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Over 14 days

Optical Performance, the highest level in its class


  • The 66 mm dia. objective lens (whose light-gathering-capability is  more than 121% of that of 60mm dia. objective lens).
  • Fully multi-coating  offers the clear and sharp image of view. A high-quality model, "Prominar", with the ED objective lens is available  for those seeking the higher optical performance.
  • "Prominar" version can eliminat chromatic aberration (color blur) to the maximum extent.

Lightweight and Compact Body


  • Main body length of just a little more than 30 cm, with the weight  of about 1 kg. With various easy to handle functions available, the outdoor mobility is improved. 
  • 45 Angled, and Straight viewing types are available.

Water-Proof Structure


  • The main body is of a water-proof structure, and it is filled with  dry nitrogen gas, preventing fogging of the lens.
















Main body length 311 mm
Main body weight 1020 g

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