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Titley Telemetry Transmitters

Product code: T-GP1


Titley Telemetry Transmitters
Product details:
2-state - a series of GP1.
Small size.
We have the possibility of expansion of ddodatkowe sensors.
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Miniature lightweight radio transmitters, using space-age technology to give the highest possible performance and reliability.

Microlite transmitters can be adapted to transmit temperature, movement, light; or be solar-powered.

Their compact size makes them ideal for implants, and suitable for fitting to some of the smallest creatures, yet they will give power output equal to the largest transmitters available on the market today.

We custom make our transmitter packages to meet your specific requirements as to shape and size, battery life and power output.

Whatever your specifications, whether the transmitter is to be fitted to a buffalo for four years, or a bat for two weeks, the Microlite transmitter will be fine-tuned to give maximum performance. Average trackable distance on ground, using hand-held antenna, is 4-8 kilometres, or 30-35 kilometres by air.

Exceptionally long distances have been recorded using larger antennae, and higher vantage points, (e.g. over 100 kilometres).

Physical size:
(without battery or aerial) 8mm wide x 10mm long x 6mm thick.
Weight: without battery, 1 gram.
Operating voltage: 3v DC.
DC current: adjustable from 60-450 microamps.
RF power output: 5 milliwatts.
Pulse duration: adjustable, 15-30 milliseconds.
Pulse rate: adjustable, 1-150 pulses per minute.
Frequency stability: better than 2kHz at -20 degrees C to +40 degrees C.
Circuit layout: separate transmitter and pulser boards.
Terminal configurations: neg./pos. fit opposite the crystal, and crystal fits lengthwise on the circuit board.
Peripheral connections: suitable breaks and pads in circuit to incorporate additional functions.
Environmental considerations: glazed to eliminate corrosion and possible silver migration due to the presence of moisture.
Coated in military grade conformal coating.
Aerial: both tuned loop and stranded wire aerial can be used.
Hybrid thick film circuit printed on ceramic boards.
High impact crystals are available, but increase size and weight.

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