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Bat detectors

Important notes

Bat detectors - currently you may find a lot of different systems on the market. Our short article "ABC Bat Detectors" will help to find the best one for your purposes.

Below - our offer for the best on the market: heterodyne detectors, ZCA (Zero Cross Analyses) detectors as well as wide range, real time recorders.

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Bestselling Titley AnaBat SD2 Bat Detector

  • Item code ANABAT SD2. 
  •  | Type: Frequency division 
  •  | Internal memory card: Yes 
  •  | Microphone: Directional 
  •  | Software: Included 
  •  | Best for: Active / Passive 

The AnaBat SD2 Bat Detector is a state of the art detector, that lets you monitor the ultrasonic echolocation calls of bats for species identification and activity measurement. It uses an advanced form of frequency division without amplitude retention, to provide the cleanest output signals with the lowest possible data rate.

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