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Ltl Acorn Trail camera SGN-6210 HD (NO MMS module) Bestselling

Product code: SGN-6210 HD


Product details:
pictures + short video clips
HD video
24 Infrared LEDs
SD memory Card up to 32 GB (4 GB memory card in a set)
183,35 €




  • Programmable 2/5/12-Megapixel high-quality resolution.
  • HD video with sound:H.264/AVC format 1080 and 720P
  • Infrared Non-glow night vision LEDs flash range: 940nm—30 ft (~10m)
  • In “Cam + Video” mode, camera takes both pictures and video at every trigger event
  • Continuous shooting interval time about 0.5 seconds (stamp off)
  • Impressively quick trigger time (1.2 second)
  • Ultra low standby power consumption. Extremely long in-field life (in standby mode, up to 6 months with 12 x AA batteries)
  • Unique side Prep Sensor design provides wider sensing angle and enhances camera’s response speed
  • In Time Lapse setting, the camera automatically and constantly takes pictures/videos at
    Specified interval. This is very useful when observing plants flowering, birds building nest, or when monitoring unattended properties such as parking lots
  • With Timer setting on, the camera can be programmed to only work in specified period every day. This feature can work together with Time Lapse feature
  • Backpack-looking tree grabber makes mounting and aiming a snap
  • Serial Number setting enables you to code locations in the photos. This helps multi-camera users identify the location when reviewing the photos
  • Built-in 2.0” TFT colour display located at the bottom cover to review images and videos
  • Date, time, temperature and moon phase can be stamped in the pictures
  • Lockable and password protected

Users can configure the Camera and MMS function either by running the enclosed CD on the computer, or directly on the built-in TFT display.
SD card can be set in “Cycling Save” mode, which automatically deletes the earliest photos or videos and makes room for new ones.


1.2 Application

Trail camera for hunting
Animal or event observation
Motion-triggered security camera, for home, office and community
All other indoor/outdoor surveillance where invasion evidence needed

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