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FAUNATECH 3 Bank Harp trap

Product code: 3B HP FA SET


Product details:
the standard 4.2m2 trap weighs 15 kg

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The Austbat Harptrap has been in continual production for over twenty years. Over that time it has been refined and improved to offer today's bat worker the most effective, reliable and easy to assemble bat trap possible.

Sound design and selection of high quality lightweight materials result in a microbat harptrap that is:

  • Effective - design refinements ensure excellent capture success combined with low escape rates;
    User friendly - quick to assemble, easy to adjust; no tools are required;
  • Corrosion resistant - judicious use of stainless steel, brass and high grade anodised aluminium;
  • Lightweight - the standard 4.2m2 trap weighs 15kg, the carry bag just 500g;
  • Interchangeable - all components adhere to our tight dimensional tolerances and are precision machined, enabling parts to be freely interchanged between traps if required. Future spare parts are guaranteed to fit the trap that you buy today;
  • Proven - over 520 Austbat traps are operating in 18 countries around the world, covering a vast range of habitats, from steamy jungles to scorching deserts. This is a living testament to the dependability of the Austbat Harptrap.

Traps are supplied fully strung and tension tested. A comprehensive assembly and maintenance manual is included. Carry bag included.




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