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Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter SM4BAT FS detector

Product code: SM4BAT-FS WA


Wildlife Acoustics
Product details:
Small, secure and weatherproof
Easy to program.
Available GPS accessory to set clock and location.

Song Meter SM4BAT FS Full-Spectrum Ultrasonic Recorder (microphone not included, need to order SMM-U1)


Compact, lightweight, single-channel bat detector/recorder, available in full-spectrum and zero-crossing models.


Developed specifically for bat research, the SM4BAT recorders combine innovative design with a new low-power processor and easy-to-use scheduling features. The SM4BAT will make bat research simpler, faster, less costly and more reliable.


Song Meter SM4BAT
Kaleidoscpe Software Full-Spectrum Display

Free Kaleidoscope conversion software can convert full-spectrum recordings into zero-crossing format while preserving the signal advantages from the original recording.

Kaleidoscpe Software Zero-Crossing Display

The SM4BAT FS records to full-spectrum WAV files. Full spectrum recordings have a 20dB signal-to-noise ratio advantage over zero-crossing recorders so you will record more bats with higher quality for analysis.

The SM4BAT ZC The SM4BAT-ZC is a native zero-crossing recorder. While recording less information than a full spectrum recorder, it may be "good enough" for some applications while offering lower power consumption, smaller storage requirements, and lower cost.


Song Meter SM4BAT


Small, secure and weatherproof.


Designed around the footprint of 4 D-size batteries and made of rugged polycarbonate, the SM4BAT is less than half the weight and size of the SM3BAT. The integrated mounting bracket and weatherproof security cover keep the unit safe and dry in the most punishing environments.


Longest deployment times available.


The new, low-power microprocessor, combined with 4 D-size batteries, enable the longest deployment times of any other bat recorder available. The SM4BAT FS has a recording run time of 250 to 450 hours depending on bat activity and other factors. The SM4BAT ZC run time of 600 to 700 hours. See Specifications and FAQ for details.


Song Meter SM4BAT

Designed around the size of four D-sized batteries, the SM4BAT FS and ZC are the smallest and lightest, weatherproof recorders available.


Easy to program.


To get you started quickly, the SM4BAT features a brand new, easy-to-use, Quick Start menu and Scheduler. Use built-in schedules, or customize them for your specific recording needs.


Available GPS accessory to set clock and location.


Song Meter SM4BAT GPS Time Sync Option


When deploying multiple recorders, use a single GPS accessory to automatically set the date, time and location settings of all recorders. The GPS accessory can also be attached to log the recording locations and path for mobile transects.

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