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Kowa Balance Plate TSN-BP

Product code: TSN-BP


Product details:
Connected to the tripod
Can be used to balance the equipment connected to a tripod

The balance plate adjusts the balance of digiscoping system.

● The TSN-BP is a balance plate for adjusting the balance of a digiscoping system on a tripod.
(By moving the scope forward you can adjust the balance on the tripod when attaching a camera to the scope.)      
● The TSN-BP has 8cm of movement and can be used with 50-80mm class spotting scopes.      
● The TSN-BP uses a standard 1/4 inch mount and can be used for scopes and cameras alike.      
● The TSN-BP includes a stopper to keep the quick release plate from sliding out and a stabilizing pin to keep the scope from turning on the quick release plate.      
● The TSN-BP includes a quick release plate to easily attach and remove the scope from the base.

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