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Pettersson BATSOUND - v.4.0, spectrogram software

Product code: BATSOUND


Pettersson BATSOUND - v.4.0, spectrogram software
Product details:
Software for the analysis of spectra software
Platform: PC CD-ROM with instructions

Analysis of the bat calls may be required in some situations e.g. in order to positively identify a certain species. The new software BatSound is an efficient, high-performance tool for various types of sound analysis. It is suitable for sound analysis in general, but also includes a number of features particularly useful to analyze bat calls recorded from a bat detector.

New features in BatSound version 4

Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

New recording and playback routines. Separate “Recording Status” dialog box showing the status and enabling pause/resume recording. Pause function also added for playback.

Functions to facilitate using files generated with the D1000X detector:

Support for larger files

“Play Speed” function to allow playing files with high sampling rate at reduced speed (i.e. as a time expanded file)

Display of “File Properties”, including any GPS data that was stored in the file.

New file formats for improved compatibility with other sound editor programs.

Import function to enable opening other file types than wav (e.g. mp3). This requires a codec for the desired format (which most computers already have).

“Open Next” function opens the next file relative to the current active file (in alphabetical order).

More than one file can be opened in the Open File dialog box.

Support for higher sampling frequency (recording up to 192 kHz, playback up to 768 kHz) and bit depth (up to 32 bits). This requires that the sound card supports the chosen sampling frequency/bit depth.

Commands to move the cursor to the beginning/end of file.

Min and max frequency can be chosen in “Spectrogram Settings – default” dialog box.

Various minor changes and bug fixes.


Bat Sound highlights

An easy-to-use and powerful tool for analysis of bioacoustic sounds. The low price makes it the perfect choice for anyone interested in advanced sound analysis.
Real-time spectrogram analysis mode with high-quality spectrogram and/or oscillogram running across the screen with simultaneous recording of the signal on the hard disk!
Spectrogram, Power spectrum, Zero-crossing, Pulse Interval and Pulse length analyses from recorded sounds.
Supports any Windows compatible sound card. No need for an expensive data acquisition card.
Digital filtering for improving sound quality of recorded sounds.
Printing or clipboard export of diagrams.
Various cursors for marking and coordinate measurements, text annotation etc.
Time expansion factor to give the true time and frequency scaling in signals from time expansion bat detectors.
Multiple windows can be displayed at the same time to compare different signals or analysis results.
Playback of sound files with time position cursor.
True 32-bit application for optimum performance. Runs under Windows 9x, ME, 2000 or XP.
The Virtual Bat Detector mode plays time expanded sound files as heard through a heterodyne bat detector
User defined spectrogram color mappings now available. Design virtually any color mapping you wish
Optional grid lines in oscillograms and spectrograms.
Saving a bat call sequence in the "BatSound Compressed" file format gives a significant reduction of the file size.
The "Pulse Characteristics Analysis" command enables automatic extraction of many important signal parameters, such as:

Pulse duration, Pulse start time , Pulse end time , Maximum frequency, Minimum frequency, Frequency at maximum amplitude

The Automatic recording mode turns the computer into a versatile "voice activated recorder", i.e. it starts recording to files as soon as the sound level exceeds the chosen threshold level.


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