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HOLOHIL VHF Transmitters

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HOLOHIL VHF Transmitters

Holohil Systems Ltd. was formed to supply the wildlife research community with state-of-the-art radio-tracking equipment and related services. The extensive expertise of the personnel of Holohil enables us to provide an integrated service to the biologist on all aspects of wildlife radio-tracking.


Transmitters manufactured by HOLOHIL are custom-made for each order to suit your particular field requirements. Transmitter, battery and attachment configurations are designed for your animal and conditions. All transmitters are supplied finished and field-ready, batteries installed, completely encapsulated, ready to attach to your animals.

All HOLOHIL transmitters are crystal-controlled two-stage designs, pulsed by a CMOS or discrete multivibrator. We carry an extensive stock of crystals, covering the 138 to 230 MHz bands. The smallest transmitters (model LB-2X, LB-2N & LB-2) are activated by soldering two wires. All other models are activated by removing an external magnet, and deactivated by replacing the magnet. Temperature sensing, mortality sensing, activity sensing and position sensing options are available on most models, and more than one option can be added in some cases.

HOLOHIL specialize in the design and production of the smallest and lightest VHF transmitters currently available for a variety of species. One of them is the LB-2X. Weighing 0.27 to 0.31g and having a battery life of 12 to 21 days, the LB-2X is the smallest two-stage transmitter commercially available. The light weight of this new transmitter now permits the radiotracking of smaller species than previously possible. Our smallest transmitters, have been used to study small bats and songbirds, some of which are threatened or endangered species.




Available Transmitter Groups:


    Life (weeks)     

       Weight (grams)         Attachment Methods
AI-2 50-250 17-32 Implant
AI-2B 50-250 19-33 backpack
AI-2C 50-250 20-32 Collar
AI-2F 50-250 20-33 Glue, bolt-on
BC-2A 50 110 Beacon
BD-2 3-20 0.62-1.8 Glue, harness, implant
BD-2C 3-16 0.8-2.0 Collar
BD-2N 1-4 0.37-0.51 Glue
BD-2NC 1-3 0.50-0.65 Glue
BD-2X 1-3 0.31-0.35 Glue
BD-2XC 1-3 0.42-0.45 Collar
EI-2 26-100 30 Ear tag
EI-2A 50-250 55 Ear tag
LB-2 1-3 0.47-0.52 Glue
LB-2N 1-3 0.35-0.42 Glue,Tailmount
LB-2X 1-3 0.27-0.31 Glue
LB-2XC 1-3 0.40-0.45 Collar
MI-2 50-250 31-45 Collar
PD-2 12-26 2.5-4.0 Glue, harness, implant
PD-2C 12-26 2.5-4.0 Collar
RI-2A 26-100 8-17 Harness
RI-2B 26-100 6-15 Glue, harness, Implant, Necklace
RI-2C 26-250 6-21 Glue, Backpack, Tailmount, Implant
RI-2C2 50-250 24-40 Glue
RI-2D 26-250 7.5-22 Collar
SB-2 20-50 3.8-5.0 Implant
SB-2C 26-50 5.0-6.2 Collar
SB-2F 20-50 4.8-6.0 Glue, bolt-on
SI-2 26-100 9-13 Implant
SI-2B 26-150 12-16 Backpack
SI-2C 26-150 11-15 Collar
SI-2F 26-150 12-16 Glue


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We will advise you which model of VHF transmitter will be most suitable for your species:

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