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Ecotone School Microscope EV-45

Product code: EV-45


Product details:
Magnification: 40x-1024x
Material: Metal coated with enamel cured
LED Lighting
Built-in battery-does not require mains power
72,64 €


Currently available microscopes Levenhuk school . Details HERE

Microscope attached to a set of
for microscopy , which is all you need
TO WORK , just remove from the box !

Magnification: 40x - 1024x
1 - binocular head rotates
(Resolution 352x288 pixels) Glasses 10x, 16x, Barlow lens
Achromatic objectives 4x, 10x , 40x telescopic
Condenser lower lighting
Rotating Color Filter Set
Lock crushing preparation
Sturdy metal body covered with a hardened enamel resistant to scratches and reagents
Table with cross movement mechanism of the preparation ( photo)
Infinitely adjustable focus knobs coaxial micro / macro
LED Lighting ( passing and reflected ) with brightness adjustment (equivalent to 20W ) , external power supply
Use of the illuminator diode with high brightness increases comfort and prevents heating of the product , additional lighting allows you to conduct observations upper opaque formulations .
Convenient table that allows smooth movement of the preparation much easier to work . Thanks to its simple and robust design is reliable and easy to use .

The use of high quality materials and enamel resistant to abrasion and chemicals , provides long-term durability and aesthetic appearance.
All microscopes series Eco -Vision undergo thorough quality control during montażu.Do microscope is attached * set to microscopy ,
(that is, everything necessary ) MICROSCOPE IS READY TO WORK
- Just unpack ! *

Set for Microscopy version EV - 45 includes :
- A set of formulated products : corn root growth cone - longitudinal section
Smooth muscle longitudinal section and cross
The pin cross-section pine
- Slides and cover slips
- Cutter
- Dissecting tools
Nicely packed in a colored box !
Perfect gift idea for the student !

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