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- SIKA Radio Tracking Receiver

  • Item code SIKARX8 

Receiver able to cover from 138 - 174 MHz. Despite its compactness, it has all the advantages of storing and scanning frequencies and is more rainproof than any other receiver designed for radio-tracking.

2999.97 € / 2439 €
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- VHF yagi antenna LITEFLEX

  • Item code LITEFLEX3YAGI 

Yagi antenna antenna gives excellent performance, and is light-weight and robust. It has a number of novel features that set them apart from other designs. Antenna has flexible elements that fold on impact and automatically spring back into position afterwards. In common with most good Yagi designs, these antennas are \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'matched\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' to the standard 50 ohms input impedance of radio-tracking receivers. However, the matching is achieved by \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'inductive coupling\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' via internal windings that are sealed within the central element. This avoids the need for a more cumbersome external device such as a gamma-match. The antenna have user-replaceable leads.

433.48 € / 352.42 €
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- Radio Receiver ICOM IC-R30

  • Item code ICOM IC-R30 

The handy radio scaner IC-R30 covers a wide frequency range from 0.1 to 3304.999 MHz.

794.37 € / 645.83 €
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