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ABC Rings for birds


Split plastic rings are made of PVC or celluloid (violet colour and big size rings).
They are produced in following colours: red, yellow, orange, black, white, medium green, dark blue, violet.. In case of orders over  500 rings other colours might be available. It is important to remember that special colour production might takes up to 8 weeks.

Engraved rings are produced in above colours as well - it is important to select engraved code colour as well.



Plain rings are produced from  2,2 to 25,5 mm internal diameter. Available in 4 series and 16 sizes:


401/5 - Plain rings up to 5mm - XF, XCS, XCL, XB, X3

401/11 - Plain rings up to 11mm - 1FB, 2FB, 3FB, 4FB

401/18 - Plain rings up to 18mm - 5FB, 6FB, 7FB, 8FB, 9FB

401/20 - Plain rings up to 20mm - 10FB, 11FB


Minimal order - 1 set = 10 rings in one size!

NOTE:  Flat Band rings (ie 1FB, 2FB) do not need applicator.


Engraved rings are produced from 2.7mm internal diameter only on request. Please remember to give us information about colours (both for ring and code), code to be engraved and quantity planned. Final price relay on this parameters.


Note: Split Plastic rings normally span several Closed Aluminium sizes.
BIRDS (sample list)

XF - 2.2mm

Double-Barred (Bicheno) Finch; Orange-Cheeked, Gold-Breasted and Red-Eared Waxbills; Cordon Bleu; Fire Finch; Lavender Finch; Gouldian Finch; Green Singing Finch; Silverbills; Star Finch; Hecks Grass Finch; Parrot Finches; Cherry Finch; Painted Finch; Pictorella; Chestnut-Breasted Finch; Diamond Firetail(Diamond Sparrow); Yellow-Rumped Finch, and other similar small Foreign Finches.

 XCS - 2.7mm

Gloster, Fife, Miniature and Irish Fancy Canaries; Zebra Finch, Bengalese Finch; Nuns; Cut-Throats.
XCL - 3.1mm

Border, Red Factor, Lizard, Roller, Yorkshire, Norwich, Crested, and Parisien Frill Canaries; Pekin Robin; Red-Faced Pytilia.
XB - 4.0mm

Java Sparrow; Budgerigar; Grass Parakeets including Bourkes, Turquoisines, Splendids, Elegants and Bluewings; Indian Shama; Diamond Dove; Chinese Painted Quail.
X3 - 4.5mm

Lovebirds; Stanley Rosella, Lineolated Parakeet, Kakarikies, Manycolours, Yellow-fronted and Red-fronted New Zealand Parakeets.
1FB - 6.0x5.2mm

Mealies, Pileated, and Gold-Mantled Rosellas; Redrumps; Cockatiels; Port Lincolns; Barrabands; Princess-of-Wales; Barnards; Cloncurries; Pennants; Rock Pebblers; Crimson Wings; Plumheads; Quail (Japanese & Coturnix); Doves; Tippler/Tumbler and Roller Pigeons.
2FB - 6.5x6.0mm

Indian Ringnecks; Homing Pigeons.