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Do Science


„Do Science & Get Support” Promotion - 2015


To get support authors must have mentioned the Ecotone mist nets usage in the “Material and method” section of the publication


A. General Information

1. “Do Science & Get Support” Promotion is hosted and fully maintained by ECOTONE registered in Poland, Slowackiego 12, 81-871 Sopot. VAT: PL5850010588
2. All correspondence, questions, remarks as well as application submissions should be made to:
Stryjska 24; 81-506 Gdynia, Poland
phone: +48585523373
fax: +48585521535
3. Promotion is not time limited however ECOTONE keeps the rights to close program any time without prior notice – except for information placed on OR web pages.


B. Eligibility

1. Scientists and research teams from all over the world are eligible to apply based on the “Application Rules” described in section ‘C”


C. Application Rules

1. The applications should be sent by researchers under the following conditions:
- Applicant is one of the co-authors of the publication;
- Paper has to be published in one of the peer-reviewed journals listed on the “Philadelphia List” (to be found on the Ecotone web page) no earlier than 2009.
- submitted papers must have been already printed and must be available for publication by the time of application;
- Authors must have mentioned the Ecotone mist nets usage in the “Material and method” section of the publication;
2. Each publication must be submitted only once and the first author of it must have a leading voice in deciding the exact beneficiary of the support award (in case of multi- institutional and interdisciplinary teams);
3. Ecotone office is checking applications and submitted papers and in case the applicant is not a first author, will contact the first author based on the address data mentioned in the paper or supplied by the Applicant;
4. The minimal time required for processing the Ecotone support is one month.



D. Support level

1. In case all conditions mentioned in Section “C” are positively fulfilled, the Ecotone support is calculated based on the “Impact Factor” value of the Journal at the time of issue;
2. The following formula is used for the calculations of support:

Impact  Factor up to 5 from 5  to 10 from 10 to20 above 20
Support = discount 10 % 15% 20% 25%

 3. Discounts are cumulative i.e. discount is calculated from each of publications submitted

4. Papers applying for cumulative support MUST be send together as one application without  any excepiotns

5. The maximal support / discount level is 50%

6. Goods to be purchased using above discount levels: mist-nets, poles (aluminium, telescopic), bird bags.


E. Final remarks

1. Ecotone Office is the only place to be contacted in all cases related to this Promotion and any support granted;
2. In all cases where the application does not fulfill the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion, the Applicant will be informed as soon as possible;
3. In cases where the publication will be officially “accepted for print” but due to printing delay not available for publication till the end of the year, Ecotone may grant the support award next year. In case the paper will not be available after 4 month from submitting date the application will be rejected.

ECOTONE, 1st January 2014