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GPS TELEMETRY: UHF base stations

Ecotone GPS Loggers: UHF base stations

The base station is necessary to download data from the loggers equipped with UHF SRD or LRD link as well as to change loggers’ settings. Base station can be hand-operated as well as installed for automatic data download in place visited by the tagged animals., ie.: in the colony, near the water holes or roost. When base station works continuously, loggers will upload collected data each time when appear in the base station range. Presence in the range (in the colony, nest, roost) will be also recorded in a base station memory. The base station signal can disable GPS data collection when logger is in its range, to save energy.

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Ecotone Telemetry BS-P5 base station

  • Item code BS-P5 BS 

The most common base station model used for a hand operating as well as for a long term & unattended work with Ecotone loggers GPS-UHF. It works with external omnidirectional or directional antenna.
Communication ranges: between 200m to 5km

Ecotone Telemetry BS-XS-NS base station - nest

  • Item code EP BS XS-NS 

Base designed for tracking animals (birds, bats, reptiles) during the breeding season that regularly return to their nests, burrows etc.
Communication ranges: ~10m in the line of sight

Ecotone Telemetry BS-XS-UR base station - drone

  • Item code EP BS XS-UR 

Base designed for tracking animals (birds, bats, reptiles) during the breeding season. Data will be collected at the base station using a drone.
Communication ranges: between 200m to 5 km (similar to Base P5)