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Ecotone Telemetry BS-P5 base station

Product code: BS-P5 BS


Ecotone Telemetry
Product details:
* Enables remote, automatic data download from the loggers and sending new settings to all Ecotone GPS-UHF trackers

* Communication ranges: between 200 m to 5 km



BS-P5 base station - Strong housing with a led window, USB cable with a waterproof connector.

The base station is necessary to download data from the loggers equipped with UHF SRD or LRD link as well as to change loggers’ settings.

Base station can be hand-operated as well as installed for automatic data download in place visited by the tagged objects., ie.: in the colony, near the water holes or roost.

When base station works continuously, loggers will upload collected data each time when appear in the base station range. Presence in the range (in the colony, nest, roost) will be also recorded in a programmable intervals (1 to 5 minutes) in a base station memory. The base station signal can disable GPS data collection when logger is in its range, to save energy. 


Key features: 

• enables remote, automatic data download from the loggers and sending new settings to all Ecotone GPS-UHF trackers; 

• distance of bidirectional communication varies between 200m to 5 km and depends on the logger’s specification, antenna’s version and field conditions. 

• records data in a 2GB internal memory without connection to the PC; for data safety base station uses double memory banks (one as a backup); 

• power supply by the battery grip, any USB charger or dedicated rechargeable Battery Grip (power bank) which can work with a solar charger.




Dimensions: 90x35x30 mm
Weight: 250 g
USB Cable length: 2 m



Charging set for base station adapted to 12V battery


The base station set comes with cables with clamps and 12V / USB charger. It enables the use of any 12 car battery.
Such sets combined with a solar charger is often used for long period unattended base station work.


In the box:

* Base station P5
* Charging set with 2x USB (car battery)


Warranty: 1 year

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