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Ornithological equipment: Bird live traps

Metals frames with net stretched on the bottom and a piece of fabric sewed (or only net) on the top. When birds touch attractant trap latch over it in a tent-like shape.

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Ecotone Clap Net 40x40 cm

  • Item code CLAPUN40 PL 

Universal clap trap for birds not bigger than lapwing.

85,00 €
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Ecotone Ecotone Clap Net 60x60 cm

  • Item code CLAPUN60 PL 

Clap trap for medium size birds

123,00 €
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Bestselling Ecotone Big Clap-Net Trap for raptors

  • Item code CLAPUN90 PL 

Clap trap for raptors and other big birds

169,00 €
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