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Ecotone Telemetry Battery grip

Product code: EP BS-SET


Ecotone Telemetry
Product details:
* The battery grip contains 3xD size batteries which can be replaced easily

* Such set lasts for 10-15 days of continuous work
* The directional antenna increases the range of the Ecotone base station


Battery grip


All base station models can use dedicated battery grip. It is waterproof and equipped with waterproof USB connector. The battery grip contains 3x D size batteries which can be replaced easily

Recommended batteries: 
3 pcs of not rechargeable (default in set), alkaline D size (LR 20). Such set lasts for 10-15 days of continuous work.

The battery lifetime:
Depends on the temperature and amount of data received from loggers (total transmission time).  

Alternative batteries:
-    Any D size not rechargeable, non-alkaline 1.5V battery (cheaper but with shorter lifetime)
-    Rechargeable 1.2V-1.5V batteries (the life time depends on their capacity and usually will be shorter than from both above models)
-    Not rechargeable, lithium D cell 1.5V  (very expensive but of the highest capacity). Not recommended for low temperature conditions below 0 Celsius.

Battery change:
Use only D size batteries, do not mix fresh and partially discharged or of different battery models in one set.

Weight battery grip with 3 pcs batteries LR20: 95 g
Weight battery grip without batteries: 88 g



Directional antenna -  The AstraEa 2.4GHz 18dBi microstrip antenna


Depends on the purpose, the typical base station can be used with the omnidirectional antenna or with the directional antenna.
The front part of the antenna is made of polymers transparent to radio waves and completely resistant to the degrading effects of UV radiation and weather conditions.


Energy profit: 18 dBi
Working frequency: 2400-2500 MHz
VSWR: 1.2
Polarization: horizontal, vertical
Radiation angle in the horizontal plane: 35
Radiation angle in the vertical plane: 32
Ended the a connector: TNC
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Libra: 0.6 kg
Dinensions: L 20 cm, H 20 cm, W 1 cm
Mounting (diameter): 25-42 mm


 In the box:

* Battery grip with 3 pcs batteries LR20 or without batteries
* Directional antenna with manual
* Ecotone Base station and pole not included


Warranty: no


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