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Ecotone Telemetry Logger CREX GPS-UHF (LRD)

Product code: CREX GPS-UHF


Ecotone Telemetry
Product details:
* Dimension: 56x23x15 mm

* Weight: 12g

* Designed for tracking birds from 350g body mass

* CREX GPS has been used: falcons, big waders, gulls

* Battery: lasts for ~1000 GPS positions without solar charging

* Communication via UHF hand operated or field installed base station for automatic data download and settings change



CREX UHF tracker



  The most energy-efficient system enabling mass data collection without any charges for the data transfer.  The UHF uses less energy compared to GSM transfer and allows to collect many more fixes than with the GSM. During sunny weather, 1-5 minute intervals 24h/day are possible. Dedicated for tracking of breeding or wintering birds which can download data via UHF regularly. As well all-year-round tracking of migrants is possible, but with data download when tagged animals will be again in the UHF range.


Advanced & multifunctional GPS loggers for worldwide all-year-round animal tracking in fine resolution. Except GPS tracks, can be collected precise activity reports, raw acceleration data recorded in bursts, diving depth profiles, barometric pressure, temperature, immersion duration and more. Data are collected separate memory banks, which are individually programmable and use different data transmission.



CREX - advanced & multifunctional GPS logger for worldwide, all year round.

Examples of use on: falcons, big waders, gulls.

Dimensions: 56x23x15 mm

Weight: 12g 




  • Data are collected in interval: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 240 minutes;
  • GPS series in programmable bursts: 1 (no burst), 60/1, 30/2, 15/4, 4/15 (GPS positions / interval [s]);
  • Communication via UHF hand operated or field installed base station for automatic data download and settings change;
  • Data access & programming via long range (LR) UHF link - Base station, and special computer software - Tracker;
  • GPS controlled by the operating-hours schedule, light sensor (day/night) or motion sensor;
  • Data recorded: GPS position, GPS programmable bursts from 1 s interval, speed, GPS altitude, GPS precision parameters (HDOP, VDOP, PDOP), GPS heading, battery voltage, barometric or hydrostatic  pressure, temperature and immersion duration, acceleration 3-axis data recorded in programmable bursts  (1, 5, 10, 30 Hz), detailed activity report (called “report 480") and logger operating parameters like voltage, internal temperature, light level etc.;
  • “Stops in the base range" - UHF base station signal can terminate the GPS data collection to protect battery in a burrow, den or when animal is in the nest;
  • UHF digital telemetry. It has ~50% bigger range than UHF communication link. Enables easier animal locating and getting close enough to download the data. It is not for tracking like with the VHF.
  • GPS can be controlled by the acceleration sensor - logger records positions only when animal is moving. This feature allows to track movements with better resolution and save energy when object does not move;
  • UHF transmission range, in good conditions and in the line of sight: ground-to-ground ~800m, ground-to-air or air-to-ground >6km;
  • Long-life rechargeable battery;
  • Highly efficient solar charger, works as well in low light conditions.



  • TDR (temperature and depth recorder); 
  • Wet/dry diving detection sensor and diving duration logger;
  • Pressure-proof version for diving birds or turtles;
  • Barometric pressure & temperature sensor;
  • VHF beacon with an automatic mode enabling mortality detection;
  • Customized attaching points for harness, gluing or taping to the feathers etc.


Data & transmission methods:

Data collected for GPRS can be transmitted via UHF to the base station (hand operated, installed in the field or on drone). This transmission consumes little power. Recommended for places where GPRS transmission is not possible. Transmission range in good conditions and in the line of sight: ground-to-ground ~800m, ground-to-air or air-to-ground >6km



Available options:


  • Antenna shield 

Weight: + ~1.5g

  • UHF transmission only

Weight: - 4g

Low profile: -2mm

  • Pressure proof - resin filled housing

Weight: +8-10g

  • Transverse tubes for harness

Weight: + ~1g

  • Side tubes for harness

Weight: + ~1g

  • Feather mounting plates

Weight: no change

  • Diving wet/dry sensor

  • TDR(temperature & depth)

Weight: + ~1g





Sample data:

Acceleration & activity reports

The graphs below show one day of activity data of the same vulture individual, recorded simultaneously by three different methods.

  • Activity report 48 (48 points/day x 3 axis), downloaded in one SMS daily


  •  Activity report 480 (480 points/day x 3 axis), downloa via GPRS or UHF


  •  Acceleration raw data in bursts, downloaded via GPRS or UHF


  • one burst from above plot


  •  Sample data plot & tracking data

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