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Ecotone 2 bank Harp Trap Bestselling

Product code: HARP TRAP 2B


Product details:
Catch area: 4,2 m2 approximately
Catch area L x W: 180 x 235 cm
Length: 191 cm
Catch bag depth: 65 cm
Catch bag width: 44 cm
Weight: 16 kg
2 848,37 €

Available within 5-10 days

We present a double-row harp trap by Ecotone, entirely manufactured in Poland. This is a very good and relatively safe catching alternative for bats to chiropterological nets.

The first device of this type was described in 1958 (D. G. Constantine. 1958. An automatic bat-collecting device. Journal of Wildlife Management 22(1):17-22) and to this day it is produced with virtually no major functional changes. Harp traps are used independently of other catching tools (chireptorological nets), especially in places with a high intensity of bat flights (exits from caves, forest "corridors", roosting areas). Thanks to the special construction using vertical strings and a collecting bag, the caught bats are not exposed to external factors.

  • Best for catching high-frequency insectivorous bats
  • User friendly - quick to assemble, easy to adjust; no tools are required;
  • Interchangeable - all components are precision machined, enabling smooth assembly. Parts are freely interchanged between traps if required. Future spare parts are guaranteed to fit the trap that you buy today;
  • Corrosion resistant – made from high grade aluminium, stainless steel;
  • The large collective bag, into which the bats fall, is made of "polycotton". This fabric not crease, are easy care and have good breathable, hygroscopic and durable properties. The bag has several holes at the bottom to allow water to drain out in the event of rain or heavy dew. 
  • A standard two-row trap with a catch area of 4.2 m2 weighs approximately 16 kg.

The set includes a bag - cover for transporting the trap.

Delivery time: approximately 3-6 weeks.


Catch area: 4,2 m2 approximately

Catch area L x W: 180 x 235 cm

Length: 191 cm

Catch bag depth: 65 cm

Catch bag width: 44 cm

Weight: 16 kg


Folded dimensions (in carry bag)

Length: 200 cm

Height: 20 cm

Width: 20 cm


Operational dimensions

With legs fully retracted:

Height 337 cm

Width (at base): 70 cm

Length (at base): 210 cm

With legs fully extended:

Height: 400 cm

Width (at base): 115

Length (at base): 230

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