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Wildlife Acoustics Ultrasonic Microphone SMM-U1 (3m)

Product code: SMM-U1 WA (3M)


Wildlife Acoustics
Wildlife Acoustics Ultrasonic Microphone SMM-U1 (3m)
Product details:
Mikrofon SMM-U1

3m cable

SMM-U1 Ultrasonic Microphone


The SMM-U1 is a highly sensitive, low noise ultrasonic microphone, designed for recording ultrasound up to 190 kHz. One or two microphones can be attached via the connector module. The microphone is powered and can be used with up to 100 meters of cable, with no attenuation or degradation. The microphone has a differential output which significantly reduces noise from electromagnetic sources. The omni-directional SMM-U1 is ideal for unattended monitoring where the precise direction of bat activity is not known in advance. Polar plots are below.


Microphone Frequency Responses


The chart below illustrates the frequency response of the SMM-U1 microphone. The subsequent graphs display the directionality plots of the SMM-U1 microphone with and without the directional SMX-Horn. Please click on the graph for larger viewing.





The following polar plots indicate microphone directional sensitivity with and without the SM3-Horn.









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