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Wildlife Acoustics Kaleidoscope Pro 5 Analysis Software (Annual Licence)



Wildlife Acoustics
Product details:
1-year licence
424,00 €


Kaleidoscope Pro 5 features:

  • Cluster Analysis
  • Auto-ID for Bats
  • Kaleidoscope Viewer
  • Managed Cloud Accounts
  • Noise Analysis


Cluster Analysis

Identify species and create custom classifiers, fast.


Within minutes, Kaleidoscope Pro can quickly analyze thousands of recording files. The software detects and identifies similar vocalizations and groups them into Clusters. This innovative feature eliminates hours of tedious listening, making it easy to examine vocalizations, label recordings, and identify species. Kaleidoscope Pro can also transform Clusters into species-specific classifiers – making future identification efforts easier.

Auto-ID Bat Classifiers
Identify bat species faster.
Auto ID Image

In addition to Cluster Analysis, Kaleidoscope Pro includes auto-ID bat classifiers that suggest the most likely species of bat found in the recordings. Currently, Kaleidoscope Pro helps you identify bat species from North America, the U.K., Europe, South Africa, and the Neotropics – with more regions and species in development. We also work continuously to improve the accuracy of existing classifiers.

Kaleidoscope Viewer
Study each recording in precise detail.

For examining sound files visually, Kaleidoscope includes a sophisticated viewer that displays the details of each recording. Listen to or save .wav files, apply bandpass filters, and adjust playback speed and amplitude. For bat work, the Viewer works with full-spectrum, time-expansion or zero-crossing recordings, and has additional features that help you quickly identify, categorize and filter bat data.

Cloud Database

Cloud Database provides fast and easy access to all the meta data contained in your recordings. Quickly search for any combination of meta data. Add custom fields and create custom project forms – ideal for standardized meta data used for projects and initiatives such as the North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat).

Noise Analysis

The Kaleidoscope Pro Noise Analysis feature allows you to scan a batch of recordings to analyze the noise spectrum and generate a report of noise levels in accordance with various standards. Analysis includes weighted SPL and SEL measurements as well as third octave band analysis.



Kaleidoscope is supported on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, Red Hat Linux, and macOS 10.8 or later.

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