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ABC Mist Nets

• The quality and efficiency of our nets are result from more than 30 years of experience.
• All our nets are made from the highest quality nylon and polyester netting. Most are made
of Japanese netting, except for a few specialised models, such as the strongest series 2000.
• All our nets are black, UV protected; the material and colours are durable and long-lasting.
• The special knots used in our nets help to prevent the loops and shelf strings from moving.
• The construction with positioning strings prevent wind shift of the netting.
• Each net come with Ecotone cotton made bag.

• From 2009 our net's loops are marked with an indelible serial number and
the company’s name to help control quality and to track nets used illegally.
• The serial number is placed on one of the colour loops and on the product
label as well.
• Our new mist nets loops are longer and stronger than previously used.
• Top loops are colour-coded and equipped with stoppers
to make fast setting easier.
• New loops are designed to be used especially
with our Mist Net Poles.

• Net dimensions: length without loops and stretched to a standard tension, height and number
of shelves are shown in the table.
• The thickness, visibility and strength of the nets is indicated by the denier (a unit of weight
for fibres) and the number of fibres used in the netting. So 70denier/2-ply netting is lighter
and thinner than 110d/2-ply netting, and 210d/2-ply is thinner than 210d/3-ply netting.
• Mesh size is measured by one side of the squared mesh - „16 mm” refers to a 16x16 mm mesh.
• Nets of up to three shelves are tethered on a single shelf strand to prevent wind bunching the
netting. Nets with four or five shelves feature two tethered strands.


First consider:

• what animals you intend to catch; bats or birds:
Sample groups used in the tables - please check our catalogues
A - small passerines
B - medium passerines
C - waders, small ducks, small & medium terns
D - small owls & raptors, medium & big waders
E - owls, medium raptors, medium & big ducks
F - big raptors, geese, cormorants

• size, strength and behaviour of the animals you are targeting;
• features of the habitat where you plan to use the nets:
- open or dense vegetation,
- height of vegetation,
- light conditions.

Then select the features of the net:
• most effective type of material and the thickness of the yarn;
• size of the mesh;
• number of shelves and height of the net;
• length of the net.

We can produce nets of custom dimensions (length, height, number of shelves)
If required we can produce nets type DHO GAZA, CANOPY or TRAMMEL