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Kamakura Koki company was founded in Japan on January 26, 1950 as the "Original Equipment Manufacturer" (OEM). Today, Kamakura is a leading manufacturer of binoculars and spotting scopes, medium and high price range, this represents approximately 40% of the world market in this price range.


Kamakura is a company oriented to the modern technologies involved in continuous research, aimed at testing and development of new materials, design and production techniques, in order to maintain its quality and a world leader in its industry.


Kamakura offers excellent products, both in the medium price range, as well as a selected series of binoculars and spotting scopes, which are optically and mechanically perfect. This broad offering meets the needs of the most demanding nature lovers, bird watchers, sports enthusiasts, astronomers and many other enthusiasts who are looking for perfect optical equipment at affordable prices.


Kamakura Koki rightly gained an enviable reputation as a company producing reliable and high-quality optical equipment. Kamakura products are considered some of the best on the market.

In recognition of his dedication and commitment to improving their products and the success achieved over the years, the company Kamakura has received many international awards for quality products, innovative design and technological achievements.